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Resuscitator KRE-A102


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Resuscitator KRE-A102

Description :

Resuscitator KRE-A100 is an auto-clavable, hand held, emergency device intended for pulmonary resuscitation. Inbuilt pressure relief valve minimizes the risk of over pressure. Transparent bag for complete internal visibility. Made of durable, firm and flexible material. Substantial range of reservoir volume. Easily detachable for cleaning and disinfecting.

Specifications :

Type Neonatal
Stroke volume 150 ml
Resuscitator volume 250 ml
Bag reservoir volume 600 ml
Pressure 40 cmH2O
Patient weight ≤ 10 kg
Dead space (patient valve) 7 ml
Dimensions (L × D) 225 × 85 mm

Features :

  • 100% Latex free
  • Textured grip (non-slip)
  • Autoclavable repeatedly at 134 °C
  • Available with mask, patient valve, intake valve, resuscitation bag
  • Available in neonatal
  • 600 ml bag reservoir volume

Applications :

Used in emergency medical services, crash carts and critical care to provide positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an unconscious person who is not breathing, in order to keep them oxygenated.



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