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Otoscope KOO-A100


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Otoscope KOO-A100

Description :

Otoscope KOO-A100 is an optical handheld monocular illumination device for visual examination of ear-canal. Scratch-resistant high quality optical glass lens ensures clarity for detailed examination of anatomical structures. High intensity cool LED illumination bulb provides higher luminance with aperture selection promoting precise optical guidance.

Specifications :

Light source LED bulb
Luminance About 18.5 lumen
Lens Glass lens with 3 X magnification
Ear Specula sizes 2.4 mm
3 mm
4 mm
5 mm
Patient groups Infant to Adults
Batteries Replaceable cells

Features :

  • Focussed and homogeneous luminosity
  • Precise magnification scope
  • Scratch resistant glass lenses
  • Washable & Re-usable Ear Tips
  • Durable and comfortable handle

Applications :

Used in ENT, OPDs, examination clinics, audiology during rounds as well as for home-care use in pneumatic examination and magnification for detailed inspection of the in-ear anatomical structures and easy recognition during routine check-ups.



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