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Nebulizer KNM-A100


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Nebulizer KNM-A100

Description :

Nebulizer KNM-A100 is a portable, compact tabletop ultrasonic nebulizer unit. Equipped with mesh membrane nebulization technology for consistent aerosol particle formation. Control system features high nebulization flow-capacity, deeper and penetration at a short inhalation time as per safe standards of performance.

Specifications :

Nebulization Rate 4 ml/min
Filter Particle Dimension 4.2 microns
Continuous Performance 0 - 4 hrs
Timing Range 0-60 min (no level for adjustment)
Max Medication Capacity 350 ml (Large cup)
150 ml (Small cup)
Power Supply 230/120 V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 290 x 200 x 250 mm
Weight 2 Kgs

Features :

  • Ultrasonic vibration technology
  • High-velocity flow
  • Plug and play operation
  • Overflow protection
  • Battery powered
  • 2 Nebulizer cup sizes

Applications :

Used in hospital wards or home-care for deep penetration in respiratory system with aerosol medicinal particles for aerosol treatments reducing side effects due to lower medicine consumption.



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