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Mobile X-ray machine KMX-A101


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Mobile X-ray machine KMX-A101

Description :

Mobile X-ray machine KMX-A101 is an advanced X-ray imaging modality designed to be highly efficient and portable medical imaging solution for intra-departmental transport. Equipped with single focus full wave rectification for stable and precise-controlled operation. Accurate X-ray beam focusing results in dose-efficient X-ray and enhances image quality. Equipped with high voltage protection circuit for user as well as patient.

Specifications :

Focal Distance  350 x 350 mm
Source Head Range 520 mm - 1880 mm
Exposure DC Voltage 100 kV ; 50 kV - 100 kV
Exposure DC Current 35 A (instant)
Exposure Time 0.08 s - 6.32 s
Tube Focus 4.3 x 4.3 mm
Collimator Film (max) 650 mm
Spot-film Tube Current 150 mA (fixed)
Column Angular Range ±45°
Spot Focus 16 mA, 32mA, 63mA, 100mA
Power Supply Voltage : 180 V - 240 V Frequency : 50 Hz
Dimensions 1500 x 800 x 1500 mm
Weight 150 Kgs 

Features :

  • Standard frequency X-ray generator
  • High quality imaging
  • SCM control technology
  • 8 Pre-defined exposure control
  • High voltage SCR safety circuit
  • Cantilever head source structure

Applications :

Used throughout the hospital from in-patient, to NICU, operating room, and emergency room as well as polyclinics to perform projection radiography readily on bedbound or critical patients for convenience.



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