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Fetal Doppler KFD-A101


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Fetal Doppler KFD-A101

Description :

Fetal Doppler KFD-A101 is a hand held ultrasound doppler with heart-rate display and audio output. Doppler probe ensures increased sensitivity with high fidelity. LCD display indicates fetal heart rate with graphs, volume and battery status. Built-in loudspeaker enables clear audibility of fetal heart sounds.

Specifications :

Ultrasound frequency 2 MHz
Ultrasound Intensity <10mW/cm2
Screen Color LCD
Display FHR and curve
FHR Measuring range 50 ~ 240 bpm
Option AOption B
1.5 V AA battery Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Power consumption <1 W
FHR resolution 1 bpm
FHR accuracy ± 1 bpm
Dimension 135 × 95 × 35 mm
Weight 500 g

Features :

  • High sensitivity doppler probe
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact battery powered operation
  • Provision for earphones
    Backlit colour LCD display

Applications :

Used in gynacology clinics and obstetric department in hospitals to detect and monitor fetal heart rate for routine checkup.



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