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Electric Wheelchair KEW-A101


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Electric Wheelchair KEW-A101

Description :

KEW-A101 features padded cushion made of high-quality washable and breathable fabric which is easily removable for maintenance. High strength aluminum alloy frame supported by double cross bar improves stability and safety. Foldable wheelchair frame and backrest design makes it easy to carry along and store for travel. Non-pneumatic, anti-puncture front and back polyurethane tires ensure comfortable ride.

Specifications :

Seat width 410 mm
Seat height 520 mm
Driving motor 250 W
Seat depth 450 mm
Arm rest height 200 mm
Max load 100 Kg
Max speed 9 Km/hr
Battery 12 V / 12 Ah
Front wheel 190 mm
Back tires 550 mm
Dimension 970 × 700 × 960 mm
Weight 42.4 Kgs

Features :

  • Double crossed welded aluminum alloy frame
  • High quality breathable fiber seat cushion
  • Foldable wheelchair frame and backrest
  • Adjustable flipping foot pedal
  • Non-pneumatic anti-puncture tire

Applications :

Used by physically disabled patient for whom walking is difficult. These are capable of travelling long distances. Used in Hospitals, Clinics and at home for Geriatric patient.



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