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Dental X-ray KDX-B100


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Dental X-ray KDX-B100

Description :

Dental OPG X-ray KDX-B100 is a panoramic extra-oral imaging modality unit designed on the principle of curvature tomography. System utilizes oil immersed and self-cooling technology for longer sustenance. Micro-focus technology ensures clear image and accurate diagnosis.

Specifications :

Tube Voltage 90 kVp
Tube Current 10 mA
Exposure Time 16 s
Tube Focus 0.8 mm
Film Size 150 × 300 mm
Charger Input AC : 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz ,1.8 kVA
SSD (Source Skin Distance) 1120 mm
Weight 228 kgs

Features :

  • Full 360° rotation
  • Micro focus technology
  • Automated Elevation motor
  • Maxillary sinus exam

Applications :

Used in dental clinics for dental X-ray imaging to reveal impacted wisdom teeth, maxillary arch, mandible, lower jaw or jawbone, maxillary sinuses, nasal sinuses and the whole 32 teeth area



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