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Chemistry Analyser KCA-A200


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Chemistry Analyser KCA-A200

Description :

Chemistry Analyser KCA-A200 is a high-performance fully automated benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer. Multi-standard and user programmable functionality enables customized usage. West guard Analysis and self-test feature improves productivity and accuracy.

Specifications :

Type Fully Automated Analysis system
Throughput 140 tests per hour
Analytical Methods End point, Kinetic, fixed time, Bi-chromatic, multi-standard, Two steps of end point and more
Assay Modules Over 200 modules
Sample Slots 64 slots for standard and control
Sample Volume 1-100ul, 1ul / step
Reaction tray size 96 reaction cuvettes
Flow cell volume 32 ul
Reagent Diluter : 1000ul, 1ul/step
Photometric Measuring range 0.0 – 3.0 OD (filters)
Probe Handling With liquid sensor & automatic probe washing and crash function
Washing Reaction Cuvettes Automatic Flow cell washing
Data Transmission USB 2.0
Alarms Reagent / sample alarm, Water alarm, Hit the needle alarm, Replace the reaction plate
Calibration System Calibration : Deduction of washer blank/ reagent blank
Nonlinear linear or with 1-6 calibration standards
Lamp 7 high-quality 6 V/ 10 W Halogen lamp
Storage Up to millions of analysis reports
Quality Control Levy-Jennings chart and West guard analysis 
Power Supply 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz
Dimension 600 x 500 x 410 mm

Features :

  • Intelligent Multi-tasking operation
  • Self-diagnosis and Auto-alarm
  • End point, Kinetic, fixed time, Bi-chromatic, multi-standard, two steps of end point
  • Standard/ Control/ STAT modes
  • Levy-Jennings chart and West guard Analysis QC
  • USB network interface

Applications :

Used in small to medium sized pathological diagnostic laboratories with wide range of applications including determination of the concentration of enzymes, substrates, electrolytes, specific proteins, drugs of abuse, and therapeutic drugs in samples for diagnosis of toxicological effect on renal, cardiac, and liver function.



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