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Electric Breast Pump KBP-A100


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Electric Breast Pump KBP-A100

Description :

Electric Breast Pump KBP-A100 is a dual expression high pressure electric breast pump with adjustable suction control. Suction pump comprises of feeder system integrated with suction assembly which can be sterilized. Soft suction cup design simulates natural feeding action for gentle expression. Closed one-way pumping mechanism prevents backflow or spillage.

Specifications :

Expression Double-phase
Construction Food grade PP and Silicone, BPA free.
Display LCD display
Modes Massage and Expression
Feeding Bottle Night light with Temperature sensor Technology
Operational Levels 9 grades of adjustment
Bottle : Temperature indication Milk Temp < 40 °C – yellow
Milk Temp > 40 °C – Fluorescent yellow
Pumping System Back flow protection mechanism
Power Supply AC power or Battery
Dimension 290 x 110 x 270 mm
Weight 1 Kg

Features :

  • Double-Expression technology
  • Latex-free Clean assembly
  • Comfortable expression
  • Soft petal massage breast shield

Applications :

Used in nursing homes, gynecology wards, NICU as well as home-care for either working mothers or to stimulate lactation in women or to relieve engorgement or aid in recovery from pregnancy.



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