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Blood and Infusion Warmer KBIW-A200


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Blood and Infusion Warmer KBIW-A200

Description :

Blood and Infusion Warmer KBIW-A200 is compact microprocessor-controlled in-line blood/infusion fluid warming system suitable for low to medium infusion featuring advanced thermal sensors, self-test facility and comprehensive malfunction alarms for optimized and safe inline bubble-free warming of blood and infusions therapy fluids. Dual loop tube position with dual-lock magnetic cover plate ensures uniform heat at slow fluid rate.

Specifications :

Temperature Range 37°C to 42°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 1.0°C
Warm-up Time < 45 s (20°C to 36°C)
Power Consumption 80 VA
Warming Capacity 16 ml/min
Tube Diameter Range 3.5 mm ̶ 5.0 mm O.D.
Device Classification Class I, Type B
Overheat Protection 43°C / 45°C / (48 ± 3)°C
Low Temperature Alarm 36 °C
Power Supply 230 V ± 10%, 50 ̶ 60 Hz
Dimensions 180 x 75 x 40 mm

Features :

  • Dry heat technology
  • In-line fluid warming
  • Dual-loop tube positioning
  • 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Wide range of IV tube compatibility
  • Easy-to-mount clamp

Applications :

Used in operating rooms, surgical care wards, Intensive care unit, and other departments for warming blood components and enteral or parenteral nutrition fluids during massive transfusions, post-operative or critical-care nutrition to prevent hypothermia in patients.



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