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Hydraulic Stretcher KHS-A102


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Catalog Generated On : 09/12/2023

Hydraulic Stretcher KHS-A102

Description :

KHS-A102 is a functional stretcher with a provision of five movements namely backrest and footrest movement, height adjustment, trendelenburg and anti-trendelenburg position control. Equipped with 2 separate hydraulic pumps for lifting operation and Hydraulic control panel for monitoring and controlling operation. Entire bed board features x-ray cassette for imaging with a monitor tray at foot end.

Specifications :

Trendelenburg 12 °
Variable height 630 to 950 mm
Anti-trendelenburg 12 °
Weight capacity 250 Kgs
Backrest upward angle 75 °
Footrest upward angle 45 °
Castor diameter 200 mm
Mattress thickness 60 mm
Dimensions 2100 mm × 850 mm × 630 - 950 mm

Features :

  • Two separate sets of hydraulic pumps
  • Spring controlled back section, manually controlled foot rest
  • Aluminum alloy handrails provide safety protection
  • CPR handle at head side for quickly lowering the head section
  • Entire bed board features x-ray cassette for imaging
  • Cold-rolled steel tube frames
  • Steel, electrostatic powder coated mattress surface
  • Rise and fall fifth guide wheels ensure shock proof
  • PU cover water proof mattress with straps prevent dust mites and allergies
  • IV pole, IV pole holders
  • ABS base cover with oxygen cylinder holder
  • Central locking function

Applications :

Used in hospitals and clinics to move the patient’s and to lift the patient with spinal cord injury.



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