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Emergency Stretcher KES-A200


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Emergency Stretcher KES-A200

Description :

Emergency Stretcher KES-A200 comes with a streamlined design, so that it can transport patient efficiently and speedily. The device has additional function of Knee Gatch Position that helps the patient to grap rails and bend knees so feet are flat on the bed. Device is ideal for dynamic environment of the Recovery room and ER. It has the loading capacity of 700lbs to treat patients with different weights.

Specifications :

Mattress 8 cm, (195 cm x 66 cm) ± 2
Overall length 213 cm
Overall width 81/85 cm
Weight capacity 700 lbs
Height range(ground to litter top) High: 89 cm ± 1 Low: 54 cm ± 1
Litter positioning Backrest: 0-90° Trend/reverse trend: 0-18°
Patient surfacing (193 cm × 64 cm) ± 2
Side rail 141 cm × 48 cm
Caster diameter 20 cm
Protective corner bumper 4
Two stages IV pole inserted hole 5
Two stages movable IV rod 1
Permanent folding IV rod 1
Knee gatch 0° - 40°
Manual knee gatch 0° - 50°
Backrest bent angle 0° - 90°
Foot board bent angle 0° - 40°

Features :

  • Four wheels with central brake
  • Fifth wheel offers direction
  • Provides best safety for patient
  • Loading capacity is quite high
  • Integrated storage tray with oxygen tank
  • Foot pedal with hydraulic system
  • Four section bed board structure
  • Velcro tape underneath the mattress

Applications :

Used in operating rooms, surgical care wards, intensive care unit, and other departments for pulmonary life-support during acute lung injury or respiratory distress which result in inadequate oxygenation or ventilation inability to protect the airway fluids.



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