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High-Speed Dental Hand piece KDH-A100


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High-Speed Dental Hand piece KDH-A100

Description :

High-Speed Dental Hand piece KDH-A100 is a contra-angled air-driven drill instrument. Incorporated high precision gears with elongated nozzle allows convenient movements and strong torque speed ensures smooth cut. Single-point water spray jet induces on-spot cooling effect.

Specifications :

Rotation Speed Up to 3,60,000 rpm
Torque Speed 3,00,000 rpm
Bur Insertion Standard Push button
Gear Ratio 1:1
Drive Air driven
Type of Bearing Ceramic
Air Pressure 0.2 MPa ~ 0.24 MPa
Tubing Connection 2 or 4 hole
Spray Single-point water spray
Construction Stainless steel exterior
Applicable Bur Size Diameter : 1.59 mm ~ 1.6 mm
Length : 21 mm ~ 23 mm
Cartridge Collect-type
Noise < 68 dB
Weight Approx. 180 g

Features :

  • Seamless Scratch-resistant surface
  • Strong torque speed
  • Enhanced grip control

Applications :

Used in dental clinics for preparation of tooth for various procedures primarily suitable for cavity preparation, removal of tooth structure, margin creation and finishing restorations.



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